Hi, I'm Lindsay. I'm learning.


of you

Today was nice because my mom came to visit me and she brought me buffalo chicken wing dip and she brought me pumpkin bread and we went to the mall and she bought me clothes and we went in the Halloween store and because I love Halloween so much she said she would buy me one thing Halloween and so we picked this cute little skeleton in scrubs with a little bit of red spray painted on his mask that’s supposed to be blood and then she took me to Panera and I miss working at Panera so much and I miss the food so much and I got a fontina grilled cheese and broccoli cheddar soup and a chocolate cupcake, it was great. After that she took me to Barnes & Noble and I bought myself three books and then we went to her hotel room and she got a room with two beds so that I could sleep in her hotel room tonight and so then I read my book a lot until we went to see The Maze Runner at 9:45 in the cute little movie theatre and then we went to Benny’s which is a pizza place that has HUUUGE slices of pizza and then we came back to the hotel room and now I get to read and sleep in the big giant bed and I’m happy. It’s been quite a wonderful day all thanks to my mom. What a beautiful woman she is, I love her. 💖